Eubel Brady & Suttman Asset Management, Inc

With several pilots in the firm and more than 50 years of combined aviation experience, we deeply understand why some clients consider owning an aircraft to facilitate their business and/or personal travel needs.

When contemplating the purchase of an aircraft, one of the first steps is defining your budget, typical mission and passenger load. Using our acquired knowledge and a network of external professionals, we assist clients in evaluating ownership and operation of light jet, turboprop, light twins and single engine aircraft.

If you are considering aircraft ownership, here are a few thought-provoking questions to consider:

• Why do you want to own an aircraft?
• Will your flying be for business, personal or a combination of the two?
• Who will help you with due diligence and the pre-buy inspection?
• Is an adequate level of insurance available?
• How should the aircraft be owned?
• Will the owner also be the operator?
• Who will select your pilot or pilots?
• Are your attorney and CPA familiar with aircraft regulations and taxation?
• Who will oversee maintenance and compliance?

We would enjoy sharing our aviation knowledge with you to help determine whether aircraft ownership is right for your business or lifestyle. Although we are neither a law nor accounting firm, our insights can help facilitate efficient meetings with experienced aviation legal and tax professionals.