Eubel Brady & Suttman Asset Management, Inc

We believe the combination of our People, Processes and Performance makes our firm unique. Additionally, we take the long view when evaluating relationships and investments. An uncommon approach in an increasingly short-term oriented world.


  • Privately owned by active shareholders since 1993.
  • Experienced and credentialed team with real world experience.
    – Attorney, CDFA®, CFA®, CFP®, CPA, RICP®.
  • Culture of continuous learning, improvement and caring.


  • In-house research and investment decision making; think independently of the Wall Street crowd.
  • Defined client onboarding process; team approach to client service.
  • Singular, value-oriented business-like investment philosophy.
  • Financial planning, business consulting, succession planning and other personalized wealth management guidance is included in our asset-based separately managed account investment management fee.


  • Investment strategies are benchmark-agnostic.
  • Strive to compound capital over time and to minimize disruptions in the compounding process.
  • We invest alongside our clients.
  • Create and manage private investment funds.