Eubel Brady & Suttman Asset Management, Inc

As a knowledge-based company, our team members and their intellectual capital are our most important asset. We have worked diligently to create a culture of excellence, where continual learning and improvement are the norm.

We cannot overstate the value of a long-term, loyal team when building relationships with people who trust us, in some cases, with everything they have earned.

We believe the stability provided through acquired knowledge and longstanding relationships is truly priceless and more than worth the resources we devote to building our team.

We strive to keep things simple when assessing team members, nurturing their development and encouraging humility through six key principles:

  • Autonomy & Trust – We hire smart people with a strong work ethic, then provide direction and the freedom to get things done.
  • Collaboration & Teamwork – We believe that working together we can achieve more than any one of us can achieve on our own, and that success comes to our clients and our business when we are willing to help each other succeed.
  • Learning & Growth – We encourage team members to embrace individual learning and personal growth. Cumulative knowledge compounds, increasing our value to clients over time.
  • Building Relationships – We believe there is value in spending intentional time together as an organization.
  • Succession Planning – We intend for EBS to continue in perpetuity and are continually developing the next generation of leadership.
  • Staying Connected – We strive for each leader to have a quarterly conversation with their individual team members. Through these conversations, we gain insights into what is going well and where we need to improve.